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When keeping sleep at bay...

Tonight is going to be accompanied by very loud ROCK music and THUMPING INDUSTRIAL NOISE as I need an adrenaline rush to pump me up and keep me going.

Playing it loud helps.

I've also made some incredibly life changing decisions in the last few weeks which will start coming into effect after New Year is out of way. With Dragonmeet in (now under) two weeks and then the Christmas rush at work nothing is going to change before then in anycase.

I'm also intending to possibly go on a very big bender the weekend after Dragonmeet and also see if I can spend most of the week socialising. I've been in too much and a number of people have commented that I seem tense and need to destress. I am tending to agree with them, too many balls in the air at the moment.

Actually I might not last until the weekend after Dragonmeet. Depending how shattered I am I might join everyone at a pub that evening (although on past experience I'll be shattered, tired and wanting a shower, a comfy chair and just wanting a hug).


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Nov. 20th, 2007 05:05 pm (UTC)
Problem with that is it's at Slimelight. I'll aim to be at the gig but there is no way in Heaven or Earth I'm going to stick around for the club afterwards.

I'm sure there are many better places to go 'on a bender' or even 'not on a bender'. In short, Slimelight and Angus don't get on. I find the place incredibly dull, cramped and small. Give me a decent club at the Ballroom any day of the week.

I may go on the bender on Friday night in anycase. Or I may not do at all. But I'm erring on the go out somewhere nice with a few friends and get palstered side of things. Maybe even just a pub (shock horror).
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