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Been fairly highly stressed today with one thing or another really not going according to plan.

Am sorting stuff out though and I'm sure all will be well. Still, doesn't help the stress levels does it :p

Luckily when I came home for lunch I had a copy of Nine Inch nails Y34RZ3R0R3M1x3D waiting for me which has helped by providing some suitable background music whilst I work on a couple of bits from home before heading back to work.

I'm also going a very big 'SOD IT' to the no smoking lark and am having one on the way to work in a few moments - it's not as if I've been a very good boy at this giving up/cutting down lark anyway. Certainly cut down which is a good step. But need one now.

Am staying home tonight to do some final sorting of the Dragonmeet schedule. By the end of this weekend it should all be set which will make a nice change as some years things have really gone to the wire.

All we'll need to do is wait for the goodie bag fillers to arrive next week, the Programmes and t-shirts to get back from the printers and the day itself.

I need to mail a few people just to confirm final arrangements and then have next week for final panicing when I realise what I've forgotten and need to do!

Anyway, I'd better get back to work.

See ya folks.

(PS - could really do with a cuddle* so if you know of any free, single, attractive young ladies of a cuddling disposition please put them in touch :p)

* ok, when I say a cuddle I do mean a cuddle but certainly wouldn't mind if anything else was in the mix ;p

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