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I'll write up a report/thoughts of the show whern I have a bit more time in the next couple of days but wanted to drop a quick note to say it went really well. The seminars were pretty much all packed, the guests were lovely and entertaining, the games were busy and generalyl full, the traders were largely very happy - with a mix of some doing more/some doing less than last year.

There are certainly some things that i want to change next year though to help start building the convention and will also be getting a team of people to help. A number of people at the show (individuals and one of the games clubs) have already offered theri assitance so this has already started developing.

The Cubicle 7 announcement went down a storm and the seminar we held for it was packed and active. Everyone seemed pretty happy to hear the license was being made into a new game. I'll talk about that more when I have time too but a number of you guys have already spoken about the news on your LJs, RPGNet has a few threads running and somehow Outpost Gallifrey seems to have posted the news very qucikly announcing it to the world.

Yes, one fo the secret licences we've been in discussions about at C7 HQ was for Doctor Who :D

Like I said, I'll talk about that more later but you can correctly assume that we're over the moon with having managed to get that one.

Anyway, the show was great but very tiring (not helped by a total of four hours sleep over the previous two days) and once Norm, annacara and drivingblind got back to mine and drivingblind and myself had gotten some food (I love Nandos) I got home and crashed out. This afternoon see's the Dragonmeet Aftershow Chill-Out session in London where a bundle of the staff, traders and guests from the show get together for Sunday lunch, a few drinks and some general relaxed chatting.

Take care and talk to you all later.

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