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...and then he rested

I'm having, sort of, a night off this evening.

Between organising Dragonmeet last weekend, announcing the Who deal, being ill last week and packing/unpacking for the convention with Leisure Games I'm pretty knackered.

So this evening I relaxed (I got back from work about 8 - so it wasn't totally relaxing).

I sat down infront of the TV for the first time in ages with Jade and Dave and we watched The Simpsons, Dragons Den (which I think I'm becoming as addicted to as both my housemates already seem to be - the show is brilliant)  and then the brilliant Have I Got News For You.

Now I'm upstairs checking mail/Forums/Journals for the day and rediscovering my love for the debut Scissor Sisters album (a new copy arrived in the post for me this morning as I finally decioded the copy I had has gone to the land of lost things). I knew there was a reason why I wantesd to rebuy and rehear this CD.

Other CDs to arrive this week were my second copy of Marilyn Mansons 'Mechanical Animals" (there best album imho) - my first copy has eloped with the aforementioned Scissor Sisters CD - and "(_)" by Sigur Ros as I love their Takk CD and fancied hearing more from this superb Icelandic band.

Anyway, back to checking mail and then a blissful early night I feel I've earnt over the last few days.

Hope everyone is doing well out there in LJ-land and will sort out a Convention report in the next couple of days.

Night night.

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