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Three Years On - The End...

Tonight was an end to something that started over three years ago. It must have been over three years ago actually as it was three years ago this coming weekend that Sarah and myself split up for the first time.

Back when we were originally going out we started to watch Buffy: The Vampire Slayer from Season One onwards. Now, all this time later - and through two breakups and through relationshipships with othwr people we watched the last episode of Angel Season 5. We finally made it trhough every episode of Buffy 1-7 and Angel 1-5.

At times it seemed as if we'd never complete it as we both had, at times, partners that weren't keen on us getting together for video evenings. But partners either came to terms with it or became ex-partners (not due to the Buffy/Angel embargo) and we've come to the end.

It was emotional. Well, I find the end of Angel emotional anyway not only because it was the end but also because of what happens to my favourite charcter in the show.

Three years is a long time. I pointed out that Sarah had been 24 when we started watching the show. Then she pointed out I'd been 32 which I thought was a bit unfair.

Anyway, we no longer need to see each otehr now as the task is complete.

Actually, that's a complete lie as we were already talking about what we should tackle next. I'm not sure what series I want to see to be honest. I wouldn't mind seeing all of the X-Files or Babylon 5 but don't know if eitehr would grip me enough for regular viewing over an extended amount of time. I guess we'll find out what the future brings when it reaches us.

For now though I'm a little sad that the whole Buffy/Angel gig is over.

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