Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Relax Time - Yes, still...

I sort of decided to 'go easy' this week and recharge the batteries. After having a gastric bug for the best part of the week and then four hours sleep between last Wednesday morning and Saturday night as I blitzed Dragonmeet and Cubicle 7 last minute bits for the show last Saturday I was fairly knackered (to put it mildly).

So I decided to have a few nights off this week. Admittedly I worked late on Monday night, had Dominic over for a Cubicle 7 meeting on Tuesday evening and still haven't been getting to bed before 2-3am every night this week for some reason. But I did have Sarah over last night for the last few episodes of Angel Season 5 and this evening Jasmina came over and we watched the utterly fantastic Butterfly Effect - a film I haven't seen for 2-3 years but would highly reccommend to people. Jasmina was pretty much blown away by it too. Considering it stars Ashton Kutcher I was amazed I ever liked the film but it is so different from his otehr stuff and really shows that he can ACT given a good script and director - a bit like Jim Carrey (another actor I general avoid) in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

It seems like ages since Jasmina came over just to chill and watch a movie. Have to try and make clear a weekend or weekend night sometime so we can relax and do it properly.

After she'd vanished home I ended up watching a fascinating documentary on Dennis Nilsen (British serial killer in the early 80's who lived a  few miles from me here in North London) with Dave which was really interesting and insiteful. It had some great interviews with Nilsen's lover and one of his victims that lived and how they coped afterwards. Then we were joined by Jade and watched anotehr graet episode of Ross Kemp's Gangs documentary. This week he was in South Africa's Cape Town. The series is very good and I'm tempted to pick up the DVD when it's eventually released as apart from captivating viewing it's also a very good resource into gang mentality and culture.

Anyway, in an effort to get to bed before 2am this evening I'm going to sign off now, tuck myself in and play a bit of Final Fantasy 3 on the DS.

PS - Bit windy out isn't it! I alraedy had to go and rescue my bin as it started hurtling down the street. I've currently got it lying on its side between the wall and the car in hope it's still there tomorrow morning! I keep hearing things rolling down the street and hoping the noise doesn't keep me awake!

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