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Golden Compass and London Wanderings

Am working today - doing loads of stock taking and ordering for the last Christmas purchases from a number of the smaller comapnies we deal with. If we don't do them this week the chances are we wouldn't see stock until January because of either the time they take to deliver or the fact that they have long Christmas breaks.

Anyway, this weekend has been a largely quiet one. Caught up on lots of sleep (I tend to find I go to bed earlier in the weekends than I do in the week these days?) and was so knackered yesterday I didn't go to Seth's house warming which I had planned on attending in the evening (sorry sir).

I did go and see The Golden Compass with Jasmina on Saturday morning though. Very good adaptation of the first book. I especially loved the way they portrayed daemon death when their human died. There were a few things that niggled me a bit but then His Dark Materials is one of my favourite series so any film adaptation was bound to not be perfect in my eyes. Overall though it was excellent and a joy to see the witches, amoured polar bears, Gyptians, Flying Airships and the rest :)

The worst thing (by far) about the whole film was the end song - my god was it awful. A seven year old could have probably written better lyrics!

(EDIT: Apparently it was Kate Bush who not only sang the end credits song but actually Wrote and Produced it too! My God, has she fallen a long way! (Kate Bush Song In Golden Compass; BBC News Online; Wednesday 14th November 2007))

Post-film we popped into the British Museum for a bit (went to see the Greek-Roman era exhibits) and then wandered the centre of town for a few hours with Jasmina going on one of the rides in Leicester Square (I avoid fairground rides that fling you high in to the air and spin you round as they make me feel very sick) in the pouring rain and then I traeted myself to some DVD purchases in HMV as there were tons of films on special offer that I'd wanted for a while and have never seen (The Fountain, Smokin' Aces, Stranger Than Fiction, etc). I also picked up the complete Sharpe DVD set (15 Discs) as that was down to about £30 and I've always fancied watching that (and not only because of Sean Bean in Napoleonic costume :p).

Anyway, back to doing some work...

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