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Portishead Jealousy

I saw Portishead at Brixton Academy back in 1997 and they were one of the best bands I've ever seen live. Beth's voice is so strong and really suits the live circuit. She, and the band, completely blew me away.

It's the only time (so far) that I've seen them as I don't think they've played London since and the time they played Glastonbury Festival when I was there (1998 I think) everything had been delayed and Delphine and myself were so muddied and weary that we were back in the tent and asleep when they played some distant stage in the early hours of the morning (I think they ende dup coming on stage about 1am!) so we missed them then.

I just got a phone call from Lady Bug who's been down at the All Tomorrows Parties Festival in Minehead this weekend where she not only saw Portishead but saw them TWICE!

I am so jealous right now!

Lucky girl :D

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