Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(Music) Pendulum, The Sounds, Make Model, Big Face

OK, so I seem to be in a bit of a music mood today. I know I should be really getting my head down and ploughing through a whole host of outstanding emails but I deserve a morning off and can do that after lunch as I'm not doing anything until this evening (film night at Ray and Alex's - yay! :p).

Anyway, Pendulum is another band I recently discovered and really enjoyed their 'First Contact/Signs' video of mankind realising they are not alone.

The Sounds are a Swedish band that have been around for a few years now. They play a brand of New Wave punk/electronica and have been compared to bands such as Blondie (and not only because of the sound I'm guessing as the lead singer is a hot peroxide blonde :p). They've started gaining popularity a bit more in the UK now and I heard about them last year (I think) and think I may have posted another of their videos before. This time round we have ' Tony The Beat (Push It)' which shares some similarities with another Swedish band - the brilliant 'The Knife'.

Make Model remind me of an old 4AD band (name escapes me at present) but that is no bad thing. I guess they could also be compared to bands such as Arcade Fire. Definetly got 80's influence in here though. This track is called 'The Was'

Another new band with a very good video is Big Face with 'Style Crusader'. The video is a work of art and apparently took 9 days to shoot. I can see why though. See for yourselves...

That's all for now. Need food and then on with some work :)

Have a good weekend folks!
Tags: music video

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