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The last days of 'I'

Well, I finally have a couple of hours peace and feel a hell of a lot better (health-wise) than I have done in about ten days.

The last week has been a combination of busy or completely non-eventful. Illness kicked me out of tune with life for the latter half of last week and the weekend, casuing me to miss my monthly dose of B-Movie amongst other things.

Still, I've been watching a fair bit of Euro 2004 (football addict, yep, that's I) and will be watching with interest how things pan out over the next few days. My initial 'Top Tips' seem to be having varied success. I reckoned the winner would be either Holland, France or Portugal. Portugal I now reckon will be eliminated in the next round (and that's if they manage to beat Spain on Sunday), France I think still have a very good chance and Holland's perfirmance against Germany last night left me doubting their chances but they've only had one game so far. Germany and Sweden could be surprises in this tournament (and of course Greece who've already qualified for the Quarter Finals for the first time in their history and have been the most impressive team I've seen so far when they beat Portugal last Saturday). Anyway, enough footie talk :-p

Sarah's down with a bug which has kept her out of action this week. Caught up with her at her place last night, watched the Holland game, chilled out and then came home. Hope to see her at the weekend if she's feeling better. Also been seeing a fair bit of Bug this week who's having a few problems (to put it mildly). I hope she'll be alright but I think it'll be hard for her in the next few weeks :-(

I hate to see really close friends in pain :-(

On the publishing front - been having problems with two (yes TWO) of our layout artists which is delaying things and causing a degree of angst. It's neither of their faults (although they could have told me about it sooner...grrr....) but one's girlfriend is now pregnant and the other's wife has asked him for a divorce. I have a third layout artist that'll we're planning on using for Frankenstein Factory and hopefully he won't have any 'relationship' surprises. He's currently in line to get some other SLA Industries work if he does well or maybe even some of the SLA Industries which the other two are 'working' on f they don't hurry up. Dave and myself also met up with Andy O and Toos (collectively The Thinking Rat) this evening to push the website along. We should now be seeing something within the next couple of weeks - although I am expecting some prodding to occur of myself :-p

Anyway, I'm going to take advantage of being home sans partner and go to bed and read before having a relatively early night.

Sweet dreams LJ-land.


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