Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Doctor Who / Torchwood

I spent the afternoon and early evening watching Torchwood Season 2 Episode 1 and the Doctor Who Christmas Special at a special screening in London. Followed (and preluded) by drinks with various members of the BBC crew and other company reps who have licenses based upon the Whoverse brand (Hornby/Airfix, Character Options, Doctor Who Magazines, G E Fabri (?), etc).

I won't (and can't) talk about the shows themselves except to say that I really enjoyed the opening episode of Torchwood Season 2 - it has some great one liners and James Marsters is a great special guest. The script is really well written and certainly pays homage to a few things throughout (you'll know what when you watch it). The other great thing is that due to the success of Torchwood in the States it'll be screening over there a week or two behind the UK shows.

The Doctor Who Christmas Special is also a treat. David Tennant is possibly my favourite Doctor to date. He really grew on me - although I'm sad that Martha is no longer his companion, but we'll see how Season 4 pans out. Kylie, and a host of old British actors, are in the show which wll certainly keep people entertained next Tuesday evening.

After the show I ended up chatting to Richard Stokes, the producer of Torchwood, for quite a while about the series, our plans for the Doctor Who RPG and various odds and bobs and he was very interested in the RPG idea (along with many of the people from the series actually). He's also a past RPGer himself so knew exactly what we were talking about.

You can feel the buzz surroudning everyone involved with the Whoverse. All those involved with the shows - and the licenses - are so visibly keen and endeared to them it's really inspiring. The teams they have working on Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures really love their work and I think it shows through on the finished product.

A great afternoon and evening spent. I look forward to comparing notes with everyone once the shows have been screened :)

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