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Blood & Velvet and Saturday Catch-Ups...

Went to Blood & Velvet last night for a few hours and really enjoyed it. What I actually enjoyed was a spacous comfortable and warm pub - with a very pretty barmaid - a bunch of good friends, and some good music playing in the background.

It was good seeing people - even if I have now seen Aaron three nights this week (people will start talking!) and just chilling (literally chilling when we popped outside for smokes  - it was SO cold last night and what was it with the London fog? Haven't seen fog that bad in London for quite some time, at points it was tricky just seeing the otehr side of the road!). Hit the Tequila shots - which is a drink I've not had in ages and actually tasted a lot better last night - thus showing that my taste buds must have forgiven me since the last really heavy Tequila night several years ago.

I have developed a runny nose though and keep sneezing all the time. I'm combatting this with a mix of medicines and a bag of satsuma's plus lotys of positive thoughts so hopefully it won't develope too far into a cold. I have a feeling I had a cold last Christmas and could do without one two years on the trot!

Anyway, today is a restful catch-up day. Been sorting out some emails, some Cubicle 7 Admin stuff, I have some Doctor Who Playtest Chapters to read through and some good music to listen to. I watched the last half of the Arsenal - Tottenham match on telly (yay for the Gunners win :D) and have given up my cooking plans for this evening. Jasmina is popping over as she's working with me tomorrow before flying off to Ireland for Christmas and New Year and I was originally going to cook up a mini Christmas meal. But with me feeling icky we've decided that we'll do the meal when she gets back and just order in some Indian or something tonight instead. We're doing the present thing when she's back in London anyway so can coincide the meal with that.

I'd better get on with stuff in anycase.

Hope you're all managing to keep warm and catch up with some of you sooner or later!

Angus out :)

PS - mrwarfrog found this amusing 404 File Not Found Notice wich I just ahd to share :)

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