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Extra Day Off

I've landed myself an extra day off.

This was quite unexpected and I was up at 6.30am this morning and in work by 9 after having had a nice relaxing bath and having had time to actually make myself some soup for breakfast as opposed to grabbing a sandwich en route. Only to find that they didn't need me and I could have the day off.

Having Christmas Eve off (for me) is a rarity. I think this has only ever happened once before but I look forward to it happening more often in the future!

Mind you, I was working yesterday and have got a very annoying sneeze and runny nose - which may have contributed to my unexpected free time today.

Anyway, did an early Tesco shop (the store was already pretty busy and I'd hate to know what it's like now) and the only two things I *have* to do now is to colelct my washing from the laundrette by 4pm and go and feed Dom & Elaine's cats.

The rest of the day is my own. I'm actually feeling better today than I was yesterday (when I was in bed by 6pm and slept pretty much the entire night away) but still not well enough to be  abirght bouncy Angus. Hopefully having  reaspnably restful day will help me feel more bouncy for the family gathering tomorrow.

It's the first time that Christmas will just be my mother, three sisters and me. No Dad, no Grandmother, no other-halves. Just core family unit.

Should be fun and relaxing.

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