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Hello world!

Back to my first open post since last week! Hope my casual readers are doing fine and sorry for hiding a few posts behind closed doors.

Anyway, the synopsis of the posts were basically that even though I, and a friend, still had the sniffles we agreed to meet up on Friday night anyway as we'd not caught up for a while. What followed was an absolutely fantastic evening - albeit slightly debauched and sordid at times. It really reminded me of my 'rock n roll' youth and I was very pleased to still see things like that could happen - even when I'm not feelign 100%!

Anyway, Saturday I paid for the excess as I my cold really flared up again and I've spent most of the weekend pretty ill - with incredibly blocked sinus' which made me look like I'd broken my nose as it, and my eyes, became very puffy. I saw the doc earlier today and she told me I'd done the right things with all the various medications and methods I'd been employing over the weekend. She reckons the swelling will go down in the next 2-3 days and my cold should be gone within/around a week. This is a good thing, although it does mean I'm spending New years Eve looking like I'd been in a bar brawl or am a hayfever sufferer in the middle of the countryside at the height of summer!

I also had a chat with another friend on Saturday evening which had some surprising outcomes. Very good and exciting outcomes, and ones I can't wait to see happen and explore :p 2008 is already shaping up to be a year to remember before it's even started! :D

Rosie also popped over with her mother on saturday afternoon to collect the last of her belongings that were here. I've not seen her since she moved out back in July and we've not really spoken much since the end of October/beginning of November for a number of reasons. It was a very brief visit - just long enough to load her mothers camper van with the things I'd piled up in the living room for her and then they were off. She texted me her thanks afterwards and asked for me not to contact her for atleast six months - which I'm happy to do. I hope she manages to get on her feet and wish her the best of luck and, who knows, maybe we might start chatting again in six months or beyond. She's a nice girl and makes a good friend so I'd certainly like that if it was possible. But we'll see what the futrue brings. There's no point regretting stuff, even if it doesn't work out the way thought it would. There's also no point chasing people to be friends if they don't want to be. Energy can be used for better things elsewhere.

Anyway, tonight is New Years Eve and - health allowing - I'll be popping up the road to spend it with Ray, Lianna, Alex, Valeria, Becky, Dave and Tara with movies, nibbles and wine (which I can actually drink if I fancy it as the doc didn't put me on any pills that disallow it!). It'll just be a reasonably quiet and intimate gathering but that's good and what I fancy this year.

Hope everyone has a fun evening and to speak/see you all in 2008!

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