Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Flashman no more.... RIP: George MacDonald Fraser

I have 'flashman' listed in the "Interests" section of my LJ Profile.

This refers to the brilliant series of novels written by George MacDonald Fraser - taking Harry Flashman from the pages of Tom Brown's Schooldays (where he was expelled from Rugby due to drunkenness) and viewing the rest of his life and adventures as he travels the world during the mid and late nineteenth century.

There are tweleve books in the series and the one's I've read so far (I have most of them but haven't finished the series by a long shot as yet) are a great read.

Flashman is certainly a role-model for a number of cads I have on my friends list (you so know who you are :p).

Anyway, George MacDonald Fraser passed away today - January 2nd 2008 - aged 82. I'm not sure how as yet as the news I received is 'breaking news' and I've not managed to find more info as yet. The BBC only have it as a non-linked scrolling piece atm too.

Regardless though, George MacDonald Fraser was a great writer - of novels, factual books, and also of Screenplays (he wrote Octopussy amongst others - which also include Red Sonja, but hey, I'll forgive him). He'll be sorely missed.

BBC now have the story: Author of Flasman Stories Dies (BBC News Online; Wednesday 2nd January 2008)

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