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A reasonably chilled weekend, which suited me this week after still feeling a bit iffy. The low point hit on Friday afternoon (technically 'not' the weekend but close enough and it did effect the rest of it!) when my glasses decided to snap in half. No apparent reason (aka I wasn't abusing them) so I'm guessing it was just old age. Anyway, I was paying for lunch and gently pushed said glasses up the bridge of my nose when they just broke in half! Uri Geller eat your heart out man - what you can do with rubbing spoons over a minute or so I can do with one simple light touch!!!!

Anyway, I blindly took the rest of the afternoon off and managed to find my way home AND managed to locate my spare pair. Vision is slightly out of focus due to the spare pair being an old prescription but at least I can see (more-or-less) until I get a new pair. The headaches aren't 'too' bad either although are annoying :-(

Anyway, Friday night saw Sarah come over and we lolled around upstairs watching Buffy Season 1 and chilling the evening away. Sarah was still on anti-biotics for her cold so no drinking and no partying.

Saturday was equally as chilled. After a fine lunch as the local Cafe Rogue we watched the Germany-Latvia match (well done Latvia!!!!) before heading down to The Dev to meet up with the posse (being Sasha, Dave, Rob, Beckie, Daz, Liz, Vicky and Paul). Much fun was had and I'm not sure how many people can actually remember the night (or might 'want' to remember it) apart from Sarah (still not able to drink ;-p) and myself. I know Sasha and Dave were suffering this morning though - BIG TIME!!


Now it's today already. Tomorrow is just around the corner with work beckoning for another week. I think I have the following week off though which would be nice if I had some free cash to go and blow. Delphine might also be coming over in July so I'd have rather had time off then - but I guess I can negotiate some more holiday when she finalises the dates. Hmmm, a bit of computer game playing beckons before watching the crunch Spain-Portugal match. Then possibly some light reading and a bit of Cubicle 7 work before a relatively early night.

Oh the fun and excitement! :-p

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