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Giant Gas Cloud To Crash Into Our Galaxy!!!!

"A gas cloud weighing a million Suns is hurtling towards the Milky Way " quite a scarey headline until you read the next part of it which say...

"it will likely trigger stellar fireworks after it collides in 20 to 40 million years"

Ok, so a little after our time then and probably in a time where humanity, certainly as we klnow it now, is probably no more.

Plus the cloud itself shouldn't have any immediate effect on inhabited solar systems at the impact site anyway - they'll just get a brilliant light show that will alst for 11,000 or so years in their heavens. The clud itself is 11,000 Light Years Long and 2,500 Light Years Wide! (Yeah, that probably means as much to most of you as it does to me - but it's apparently about the size of a dwarf galaxy).

The real worry comes a few million years later when any of the newformed stars resulting from the collision go supernovae.

You've got to love science. Here is me worrying about finding a place to move to in a months time and they're worrying about something that's going to happen in 20+ million years time :p

Giant Gas Clous To Crash Into Our Galaxy (New Scientist; Friday 11th January 2008)

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