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Iron Kingdoms, Flat Hunting & Dunwich

We finally returned to the Iron Kingdoms this evening for the first time sicne early November...and it was great fun.

We had a full group of borrgette, goldmoonrj, kit_hartford, weaselbitch and even Dominic whose finally back after a years absence due to baby leave! It was as fun and amusing as ever although I am a bit disappointed that we didn't manage to make weaselbitch actually cry with laughter this time round. We'll have to try harder next week :p

I had a viewing for a three-bedroom flat in barnet this afternoon and although the flat itself was very nice (would love to return to the world of ensuite bathrooms) the third bedroom turned out not to be a double but a small single - so no good for the three of us. Plus we don't particulary want to move as far north as Barnet (Zone 5 and the border of Greater London and Hertfordshire) so the search continues with the geographical area currently concentrating on an area between Archway and Woodside Park. Problem is that rental properties are currently skyrocketing due to demand as many of the 'Buy to Let' people are selling up due to financial problems. One of my agents has processed 60 new applicants looking for places in the local area since January 3rd alone (with many citing their current landlords selling the property as the reason they need to move) - and she (my agent) works in an office of six agents. There are way too many people looking for properties at the moment and not enough properties to go round (indeed, less than anytime in the last few years). Luckily we have atleast one month and probably two before we start getting really desperate so we can afford to have a proper look around and not jump on somethign we're not completely happy with. But saying that we're looking at a big hike in the rent we'll be paying. Even the cheapest property the size we're looking for is over £250 ($500) more a month than we're paying now - and most of those don't really have a decent sized third bedroom. We live on in hope.

I also spotted in the news today that archaeologists are looking at mounting an underwater expedition just down the coast from where I was born. Basically Dunwich (which all Cthulhu fans will instantly recognise) was a major city and port in Suffolk about 1500 years ago but has gradually vanished into the sea. All that exists now is a little village of about 100 people - whilst offshore you have hidden churches and chapels beneath the waves. My grandmother always used to say that if the tides and winds were right you could here the church bells from the sunken city ringing across the sea at night :p

Underwater City Could Be Revealed (BBC News Online; Monday 14th January 2008)

Dunwich (Wikipedia Entry)

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