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Bank Reccomendations...

Ok, I've pretty much had it with the Abbey National and there newly acquired complete incompetance (I say newly acquired - things have been going downhill for a while and especially since they were taken over by Santander).

I got a letter stating that one of my Credit Cards with them had been frozen and placed on restrictions - meaning that I couldn't use it in any shape or form. The raeson for this was, according to the letter...

"breach of the agreed Terms and Conditions and due to the level of arrears on your account"

I was asked to cut up my card and return it to them.

Now what's insenced me is the fact that the card in question is well within it's credit limit and all payments are upto date and haven't had any problems. So basically I've had a perfectly good card frozen due to an Abbey National mistake and incompetence.

Now as it happens I don't use my credit cards any more as I'm trying to reduce the amount of debt I have on them so the fact that I "can't" use the card isn't really an issue that is affecting me. In fact I haven't even authorised the new card that was sent through to me last year as a replacement for my previous one that expired. But nevertheless the whole issue is a hassle and resulted in me wasting over 30 minutes this evening on the phone (or mainly on hold or waiting in an automated que) to a 0800 number on my mobile.

Credit where credit is due, the bloke I spoke to at the other end was very helpful, apologetic and didn't have a clue why the mistake had happened. He also supplied me with the address to send a letter of complaint to which I have already written and will be posting tomorrow.

But enough is almost enough. I've had it up to here (he says pointing at a level above his head) with the incompetence and stupid charges that the Abbey have been using (and trying to get some of the charges reversed is a nightmare as that particular department never seems to pik up the phone - a problem acknowledge by the counter staff when I've spoken to them about it too).

Can anyone suggest a good, honest, reliable, and ETHICAL bank?

One that doesn't screw up (or atleast not as often as the other banks) and has reasonable charges for services and doesn't charge you £35 when you go overdrawn by £2! I'm not really bothered about interest rates on my current account as it's in daily use and isn't used as a savings account - I'm mainly just concerned about the company being a good ethical company that doesn't screw up so often.

Thanks for any help :(

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