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(Torchwood) Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Well, from the reaction so far on my friends Page everyone seems to have enjoyed the first episode of Tochwood Season 2.

Personally I loved it from pretty much the outset and also really enjoyed the comedy and also the fan references (the blatant Star Wars and Buffy ones made me grin loads both when i saw them on the big screen and again this evening).

I'm really hoping that Season 2 will be better received by the fans than Season 1 was. Season 1 was a big hit for the Who Team - both here in the UK and also very much in the US where it seems to be challenging Who for the top spot - but quite a few older Who fans weren't keen (as also abcked up by many of my friends opinions of Season 1, although I actually enjoyed most of it).

I'm really looking forward to James Marsters reprising his Captain John Hart roll later in the series and the whole of Season 2 in general :)


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