Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

No Partying for Angus Tonight :(

I'm really torn between going out and seeing mates tonight or staying in and getting mroe work done. The majority of me wants to go out and party but the sensible part is reminding me that I a) have lots of work to do and b) don't have the money to go and play - even less so considering the move and everything that will be taking place at somepoint in the next couple of months.

So it looks like no Blood & Velvet @ The Old Kings Head or The Big Red for me this evening. Which sucks. Especially as it's not really all that far away from me (one bus or tube ride plus a 10 minute walk) and loads of my friends will be at one or the other of the pubs (which are about two minutes wlak from each othre so very handy).

This weekend is going to be a quiet one (again). I'm babysitting with Jasmina tomorrow night watching DVDs and then it's Gameforce on Sunday for an afternoon of gaming. But no drinking or partying for me. Just hope the evening does end up being productive!

Hope everyone has a great one and to catch you all soon!

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