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Paris, Tori, Return of the King

I'm really yearning for Paris atm. Not entriely sure why I'm wanting to be there more now than I usually am but I'm finding myself missing the city, my French friends, the shops, the food and the general Frenchness and beauty of the place. I really have to sort out a trip sooner or later when I get some spare time and some spare cash :-(

I seem also to be listening to a hell of a lot of Tori Amos at present. I've fallen to sleep to her for the last few nights and she's be an incredibly soothing influence on me recently. I love her voice, the meoldies and the lyrics. I have a number of favourite female singers (Beth Gibbons, Shirley Manson, Kate Bush, Bjork, P J Harvey, etc) but Tori keeps rising to the top of the pile. I think it helps that she often reminds me of an old flame (both in looks and memorable songs of the time) but then again that's so long ago that it shouldn't make a difference anymore.

CD-WOW have The Return of the King DVD on special offer at £8.99 including P&P. I knew holding off buying it when it first came out would pay off :-p So if any of you still want a copy I guess now's the time to make that purchase!!!


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