Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

House Update

Just saw a very large house in West Finchley that I liked a lot. Very large lounge (bigger than our current one - which is already big), much smaller kitchen (but to be fair our current kitchen is a silly-big size), downstairs toilet and seperate shower, converted garage which would make an excellent games room, also small room with washing machines, etc in. Also has a big green garden.

Upstairs it has four bedrooms (three good doubles and a smaller single which could be used as a small office/storage space/guest room) and seperate toilet and bathroom areas (although the bathroom has a shower and not a bath so Dave and me might be out of luck for a while).

The overall 'look' of the house isn't as nice as the one we're currently in but ours ws completely gutted and refurbished just before we moved in so it'll be very hard to find something that looks as nice. Saying that, the place has double glazing and is pretty good condition - it'll be even better when the current tennants move out at the weekend and the estate agents can clean ut up and fix a few of the things that need fixing.

I'm hoping to get Dave and Jade to see it on Thursday (as Jade has the day off then) as the property will probably go quite quickly with the demand for places at the moment combined with the lack of properties.

Fingers crossed the housing situation will be resolved soon. Although I'm not stopping looking just yet!

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