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Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol are a band that always seems to amaze people when I say I like them. Admittedly I thought they were very middle of the road and amongst the midst of the dull 'rock/indy/MOR' bands that surfaced a few years ago.

But their "Eyes Open" CD really touches me. It is a fantastic, moody and atmospheric album full of great and often haunting songs.

I'm sure I've mentioned it here before now (probably when I first got the album around Christmas 06) but I thought it was worth mentioning again. Yeah, ok, it was promoted by me being at work and playing the album quite loudly as I'm typing away :p

In other news, not much to report today. Managed to get some poetry written this morning before heading in here which is the first time I've penned any since late last summer I think. Considering my output when I was younger the last few years (re: about 10?) have been incredibly sparse in that regards. I still love writing and reading it but my life seems full of otehr things that need doing combined with not having as much inspiration as I used to. I became a bit too 'content' with life - which is the worst place to be. I hate 'content'. Content is boring, uninspiring and makes it sound like you have no further goals or dream. Of course I still had goals and dreams but the bottom line was that I was in a comfort zone and comfort zones rarely bring out the best of someones creativity.

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