Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

First Things First...

First things first, congratulations, thank god and thank you to Serbia for reelecting Boris Tadic over Tomislav Nikolic. Tadic is the more moderate and pro-Western candidate who is pro-EU and wants to help lead the country towards joining. Nikolic was a pro-Moscow, ultra Nationalist candidate and was deputy prime minister of Yugoslavia under Slobodan Milosevic during the Kosovo War in the late 90's. Nikolic was also happy to see Serbia move towards EU memebership but with much tighter criteria which involved Kosovo not even being on the agenda.

It's safe to say that if he had won Serbia could have faced further exile from the rest of Europe due to policies and would certainly have heightened concerns over the seemingly imminent declaration of independence that Kosovo are expected to make in the coming days/weeks.

Now whilst I am not 100% convinced that Kosovo should become an independent state it will certainly be easier to deal with now Tadic is President - not that he agrees with the move either. But he is the more moderate candidate whom will hopefully be more likely to diplomatically try and come to a satisfactory conclusion.

Anyway, Serbia has chosen the more liberal option and hopefully this will help the country move forward and also become part of the European family a lot sooner than it was looking a few weeks ago.

Serbia Election Victory For Tadic (BBC News Online; Sunday 3rd February 2008)

It was concerning me quite a bit today (as I have a very close Serbian friend) but was very pleased to discover the outcome when I checked the news via my mobile at the Die Krupps gig (quite aptly during the 'Fatheland' encore :p). Needless to say that Jasmina was pretty releaved too.

Anyway, I did say that this was 'First Things First' but the rest of my weekend news is going to have to wait as I'm actually feeling pretty exhausted, my feet and back hurt (too much activity at tonights gig) and I think I just want to fall into my bed and sleep.

This weekend has been absolutely non-stop with one thing or another. I don't seem to have been at home at all apart from when I've been in bed (and that's not been a lot this weekend). Anyway, I'll try and do a write up asap - although looking at my Monday/Tuesday diary it might be a few days as I seem to booked up most of this week with work, house viewings, appointments and catching up with some friends.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Till laters...! x

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