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Camden Fire

Heard about the fire in Camden last night whilst out in Angel. Initial reports seemed to indicate it was the Lock or Stables market which was on fire. Lucikly (in many ways) it wasn't. It was the much smaller Canal Market which you can access from the footpath on the right just after the bridge walking down from the tube station.

The path has stalls on the right and then leads into a more open area containing more stalls as well as inside areas.

Not the main part of the market set-up and arguably the least important of the markets down there. The downside of it being the Canal Market and not Stables or Lock is that the area is surroudning by residential buildings so people's homes were also put at risk.

Luckily no one was injured or killed.

It is very sad, but a large part of me is relieved that it was *only* the Canal Market and not somewhere else in Camden. Although it does sound like the Hawley Arms suffered a fair amount of damage.

Anyway, the bands last night were shit. I think it'll be a hard job to see worse bands this year but anything is possible. I knew Christian Death weren't good live but was sad to see that the new Sketeal Family line-up is also pretty dire. Music - even goth music - has come along quite a way since these two bands were treading the boards and also - in many cases - lead singers can actually sing and be in tune which is obviously an advancement and a plus.

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