Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

"Go Away White" - New Bauhaus Album - Release Date: 3rd March

....and news just in....

Preorder the new Bauhaus album "Go Away White"!

The new Bauhaus album "Go Away White", which is out on March 4th, will be available for preorder in the US via Newbury Comics and Amazon . If you order via Newbury Comics, you will get a limited edition pint glass (only 1000 will be made) with your order. You can also download it on iTunes as well.

In time for the March 3rd release in the UK and Europe, you can order it via Cooking Vinyl.

Meanwhile, preview two new tracks from the album on MySpace now: "Saved" and "Black Stone Heart".

Never really thought this one would see the light of day. Fingers crossed that 24 years later they still have some good new tunes left in them (the gigs have been good - but then there's a major difference between playing your established old and classic back-catalogue and writing and recording a whole new album).


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