Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Las Vegas and Los Angeles - mid/late April

It's coming up to that time of year again when I manage to escape from good old London Town across the vast ocean and away to The City of Sin and the City of Angels.

I'm really hoping to see what coffers I can raise to allow me to spend a few extra days in LA again this as I really enjoyed my extended stay a couple of years ago post-Vegas.

Vegas is a work trip so the company pays for that but the LA leg is off my own back. But considering the company pays for the airfare all I really need to do is pay for my LA hotel and any living/partying expenses. I'm also hoping to have a number of business meetings with various people whilst I'm in LA for Cubicle 7 so should be able to claim back a meal or two from that. But I have to sort out my own personal finances and living situation before I make any commitments about Angel City though. Fingers crossed though.

I'll probably be arriving in Vegas on Monday 21st April and the show lasts until Thursday 24th. I'll probably head to LA on the Friday or Saturday and stay for 3-4 days depending on meetings and what else is happening (last time round I caught two Sisters of Mercy concerts and had a good night out at the Viper Room). Have to check the LA gig schedule I guess :p

So, anyone else in Vegas or LA around that time? I'm guessing a fair few of my industry friends will be in Vegas and it'll be great to catch up with you all again :)

Actually, anyone else fancy a trip abroad as my travelling companion? Could be fun actually going there with someone!

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