Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

House Hunting Blues

House hunting is not going well.

We had a 'glimmer' or a reprieve that might allow us to stay where we've been for the last four years but this morning that was 100% confirmed as not happening.

Dave and myself are looking at what sounds like a large 4 bedroom house in North Finchley this afternoon (actually in just under an hour) which I'm hoping will be 'the one'. Problem then is that Jade is also looking at hosue-shares and bedsits for herself as we were having so little luck with 3-4 bedroom places and she's viewing one that she really liked the sound of this afternoon too. So we may find a 4-bed that we like only to have one of us drop out! Even if all three of us do like it we still have to see if the proposed fourth person likes the house. Although I may have a back-up fourth person should Jade or the other girl drop out.

If todays set aren't appropriate then it looks like Jade will defintely go her seperate way and Dave and myself will be looking at 2-bed places whilst still keeping an eye out for 3-bed ones if we can find something sizeable for us both +1.

All this means continued uncertainty and disruption though - neither of which is good.

We have got an extension on our current place until March 13th though (considering out original contract expired today this is a good thing).

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