Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

N3 Festival Update

Well, we've had some interesting bands so far today. After the intriguing 'Tokyo SKA Paradise Orchestra' opened the festivities on the main stage with their excellent energetic take on SKA we had the laid back hippy tunes of Caravan. Reminding us all of the 60's and the summers of love. Not that we can actually remember them all that well (and not just because of the drugs - we weren't even born back then!!!)

The weather's been a bit misearble but the music has been diverse and uplifting. Following on from Caravans mellow set we had the Porch Ghouls from Memphis. Sounding like a cross between The White Stripes and some of the 'Deathrock' bands currently kicking about the London gig circuit they rocked and they rolled.

Now we have Venus Hum trying to amuse us with their blend of electro-pop. They sounded more interesting in the program than they do on stage and we may wander off and grab some dodgy dog burgers in a few minutes. Still not sure who the headline act is going to be. So many choices - yet so little talent!

Anyway, over and out from backstage at the N3 Music Festival - Glastonbury Eat Your Heart Out. N3 is the place to be!!!

(Hmm, may be I should get on with some constructive work....)

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