Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Cries of Tammuz

I used to have an old friend called Paul Nemeth back in/around '92. We met when he was in a band called Cries of Tammuz, I can't remember why we started chatting and then hanging out - a lot of the early 90's was a blur of gigs, clubs, socialising and partying like there was no tomorrow. It was a hell of a good time in many ways.

Anyway, Paul and I ended up hanging out a fair bit with my then girlfriend Sue and another gril called Fran whom was one of Paul's best friends. We got along very well but for some reason our paths ended up seperating and we lost contact. I bumped into Fran every few years at a random gig or festival but hadn't seen Paul for ages. I caught up with Fran again outside the New Model Army gig last December and since then we've been exchanging emails - gotten back in touch with Paul - and are trying to sort out a gathering one night for a drink and a catch-up. I can't wait as Paul is someone I certainly consider an old friend and am keen on catching up in the flesh after so many years.

Anyway, I just discovered that he (thankfully) didn't give up music completely after Cries of Tammuz disbanded and still dabbles occasionally. He has one of the finest male voices I've ever heard and I really wish he'd managed to make a career out of singing and writing. I just discovered some live footage of him from 2001 at The Underworld when he was adding vocals for a band called Seventh Harmonic (an ethereal band I've not heard of before).

Anyway, this is me havign a blast from the past - and lookign forward to meeting up with old friends again :)

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