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International Politics - Kosovo

I think Kosovo declaring independence from Serbia will be a disaster and the US and other countries that have been urging/supporting them to do so are being irresponsible and have opened a whole can of worms for future provinces wanting to 'break away' from the mother state. South Ossetia and Abkhazia (both Georgia) are both want-to-be breakaway states and Trans-Dniester (Moldova) declared independence from Moldova and has never been recognised - and that's three xapmles in Europe alone without looking further afield or to really high tension spots like Palestine.

It is completely irresponsible and double-standards for certain countries to choose who to recognise and who not to recognise. There is no reason why Kosovo should be supported in its independence push when other countries with the same - or worse - problems are ignored or even condemned for the same aspirations.

As we've seen today trouble has already flared in both Kosovo and Serbia because of the decision and the support of America and many EU States - and it'll only get worse. The countries supporting this will be directly responsible for much of the conflict that this could lead to and that's ignoring the additional problems in relations we'll all niow have with both Serbia and, more important;y, Russia - who have been itching to reassert themselves as a military world power (as seen from their increased air incursions, military budget spending and declaration of a new arms race due to the so-called 'Shield Wall' that NATO is building in many ex-Soviet states.

We'll see what happens but I'm not optimistic and once again we've shot ourselves in the foot longer-term by supporting and recognising (official recognition is expected from the UK, US and several other countries on Monday) a breakaway State in regards to our future conduct of other such States (the same way that I still feel the enemy non-combatant tag and Guantanamo Bay have made it so much harder for certain countries to complain about the treatment of their civilians and troops should the shoe be reversed).

You can bet if it was a pro-Russian State wanting to break away from a pro-Western country the countries that are supporting Kosovo wouldn't be so enthuiastic and keen for it to happen.

Kosovo MPs Proclaim Independence (BBC News Online; Sunday 17th February 2008)

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