Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
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Over the last few days i've watched the entirety of 'V' and 'V: The Final Battle'. Ten hours of alien goodness.

I've seen the series multiple times over the years and had all the mini-series (the ten hour set) plus TV series on video many years ago before finally replacing them all on DVD (Region 2 for the mini-series; Region 1 for the TV series as I picked that up in LA a couple of years ago as it wasn't available in the UK).

I remember the first time I saw it was the summer of 1984 when it was first shown on Britsih TV. The LA Olympics were going on a 'V' was ITV's answer to the BBC's Olympic coverage between 10pm and midnight Monday through Friday for a whole week. Katie (Sister #1) and I were glued to the sets and had some very late nights that week! We even taped the lot (but on Betamax which went the way to VHS that HD is going to Blu-Ray right now).

I then saw it again in the fall of '84 when I was living in the States as they reshowed the mini-series in perparation for the launch of the TV series - which i then duly watched. Back in Britain the following year I caught the full set for a third time in prelude to the British launch of the TV series (which they showed out of order in the UK so some of the characters were alive in some episodes, dead in others and they completely screwed up the continuity).

I also read a host of 'V' novels (and am actually rereading AC Crispin's novelisation of the two mini-series at present) and can honestly say that 'V' was by far my favourite sci-fi TV series as a teenager by miles. I was never a Trekkie, was slightly too young for Blake 7 and although I enjoyed Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica, etc, they were very much 'watch and enjoy it if it's on' TV as opposed to a show I'd make sure I'd catch week in and week out (unlike Knightrider, Automan, Whiz Kids, Manimal, The A-Team, Remmington Steel, etc - that I'd watch avidly).

Anyway, after the initial getting used to the time-displacement (boy have hairstyles changed over the years :p) and some now quite cheesey-looking special effects I fell back into loving the show and not paying too much attention to how it's aged. It did bring home how much technology has advanced in the last 25 years. Mobile Phones, Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras, Home Computers - all of these things were either non-existent or vastly different from their counterparts today and would have changed the whole way that the programme worked and the characters could have survived or died.

I also found a lot of the comments the characters were making about the invasion of the Visitors and the opression fairly relevant to many events these days and how many governments seem to handle and treat their citizens.

Looking into the background trivia of the show I was surprised to see that Blair Tefkin - who plays Robin Maxwell in the show - got the role after original actress Dominique Dunne was murdered by her boyfriend as she rehearsed lines with actor David Packer (Daniel Bernstein in the show).

V - classic sci-fi and I look forward to seeing what they do with the new TV Films planned for 2009.

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