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International Politics - Palestine

It'll be interesting to see how the world responds to Palestine if they go ahead and declare themselves an independent state. I completely agree that Palestine deserves to be recgonised as an independent country a hell of a lot more than Kosovo did but am intrigued as to what certain countries who supported Kosovo will say.

Personally I think Kosovo is just the first of many areas which will claim full independence and soverignity in the coming years because of this move and the backing it's received. Just waiting to hear any moves in Spain next - although I'm sure the seperatist states in Georgia will get there before the Basque region as they'll be heavily backed by Russia to make the move to spite and test the western-backed Kosovo departure.

Palestinians "May Declare State" (BBC News Online; Wednesday 20th February 2008)


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Feb. 20th, 2008 01:31 pm (UTC)
Sounds like they're gearing up to reassert that claim then.
Feb. 20th, 2008 02:00 pm (UTC)
Please note that whilst the Spanish Basques tend to be more nosiy (mainly because the way the Spanish government has treated them over the years) the Basque region extends into France too.
The food's nice.
Feb. 20th, 2008 08:03 pm (UTC)
Well I don't really have anything useful to add, but just wanted to say that I'm back on lj and I've added you, so hi again :)

Feb. 20th, 2008 09:29 pm (UTC)
Hello and welcome back!

Read your post and hope things start picking up for you. I'm sure they will although these things do take some time.

Talk to you soon no doubt :)
Feb. 21st, 2008 10:10 am (UTC)
The situations are extremely different. Without something radical happening (like Isreal relinquishing Jerusalem and the territory around Beersheba) I cant see how an independent Palestinian state can exist while being split in two and being reliant on Isreal for power and infrastructure.
Feb. 21st, 2008 11:27 am (UTC)
But Serbia is expected to relinquish Kosovo which is part of the Serbian nation and has been for hundreds of years. Why not have Israel relinquish Palestine which, it is arguable, is not part of Israel as Israel is a false state set up after WWII?

As for Palestine beingt reliant on power and infrastructure why not follow the Kosovo route again and have America and the EU provide those. Kosovo hasn't exactly got any power or infrastruture of it's own either - the only way this move is possible for them is with the backing of the US and several European nations. It's not even recognised by the UN and it's declaration of independence actually goes against current UN resolutions governing the province.

I agree that the situations are very different and have always felt that Palestine should be a seperate state in it's own right. Even as a kid it amazed me that South Africa had loads of international sanctions against it because of The Apartheid yet Israel had none when they treated the Palestinians pretty much the same way if not worse.
(Deleted comment)
Feb. 21st, 2008 05:40 pm (UTC)
In regards to the Balkans I've read about them on and off since I was a teen and have a number of history books on Yugoslavia, etc. But then I enjoy history and have books on various geographical areas/countries so I'm not specific in my Balkan interest.

I also have a number of friends (past and present) who come from the area (both when it was Yugoslavia and since from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia) and also who served in the region as part of peace keeping forces during the conflicts of the early 90's (alhough one of my close friends who did so with the French contingent absolutely hates the Serbs now due to the things he witnessed whilst stationed there).

As far as viewpoints I would presume a fair number of the historical books I've read on the region have been more or less neutral having been written by non-Balkan authors. Other than that most of the people I know from the region are probably Croatian and Serbian. It's interesting that one of my best friends at present (who is Serbian) is pretty neutral about the whole Kosovo issue but generally thinks it's a very bad idea due to the historic and cultural status that Kosovo has always traditionally held in Serbia and how many Serbs will react to it trying to break away. She certainly feels it will play very much in favour of the more nationalistic political parties and movements in Serbia due to Kosovo's significance to most Serbs which will only cause more problems, violence and isolation/suspicion with the rest of Europe.

I can certainly understand why the Albanians want to break away, the same way I can understand the Basques, Scots, Catholics in Northern Ireland, Palestinians, Tamil Tigers, Kurds or any other nationalistic group. But I don't think the situation will help stability in the region, general peace and goodwill between Russia and America/Serbia and Europe, or political problems in other areas which have seperatist nationalistic movements wanting to form their own states.
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