Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(Meme) The Anti-Four Things One...

Four jobs I didn't get
See, now this is one I can’t answer straight off. Hopefully the other questions are more suitable.

I’ve never gone for a job and not gotten it because I’ve actually been employed pretty much in the same place all my life. I’ve never had a single interview. The places I’ve worked have been places that have known me before I started and offered me the job.

I started off working in Camden Market at 14 for some friends of a neighbour. I worked at a newsagent after school and on Sundays for a year or so as well as Saturday boy at Leisure Games. I was offered a full time job at Leisure Games three times before I eventually took it (I turned it down the first two times because I was either too young to work full time and doing my GCSE’s or doing my A-Levels and still convinced I wanted to try and finish education). When I left Leisure Games for a bit in 95/96 I worked for a couple of months at a local off-license (the manager of which I’d knwon for 6 years) and also at a record shop for about 11 months (where I knew all the staff in all the branches before hand anyway). Then I rejoined Leisure Games in October 1996 and haven’t needed another job since.

So, I can’t list four jobs I didn’t get because there are, luckily, none.

Four films I didn't even get to the end of, they were so bad
Ankle Biters. I know there are others but I can’t remember them offhand. I know a group of us had a discussion about leaving the cinema during Highlander 3 but decided to stick it out incase it got better (how foolish we were in our youth), I also know Dave and myself watched a film in the last six months which we both thought was awful but  I can’t remember if we switched it off or not. I know I would have walked out of Birth if I’d not been with someone, and have fallen asleep in a few films including Hero which I may give another try at somepoint as a number of people apparently reckon it’s a good film.

Four places I haven't lived
Aberdeen, Geneva, Moscow, Bridgend.

Four TV shows that I don't watch that everybody keeps going on about but they're still not worth watching
Farscape, Phoo Action, Star Trek (any and all), Mr Bean.

Four places I haven't been
Sweden, Kenya, China, Panama.

Four people who I wish would stop e-mailing me
Spammers. I like getting emails from other people.

Four of my least favourite foods
Octopus. Prawns. Oysters. Jaffa Cakes.

Four places I would hate to be right now
Guantanamo Bay, Baghdad, Kabul, Dubai.

Four things that I am not looking forward to this year
Jasmina leaving the country, having to move, the prospect of either Clinton or a Republican winning the US Presidency, potential conflict and renewed ‘cold war’ problems between the US and Russia and their respective allies.


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