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Pubbage - Many Thanks :)

Thanks to everyone who came to the pub in Finchley last night. I think we got somewhere between 15-20 people over the course of the evening. Easily the biggest Monday Night gathering we've had in years :)

It was very good fun, even if I can't fully recall all of the conversations (which is probably a blessing). It was a good and varied bunch of people from various places and scenes but everyone seemed to gel and get along which is always nice to see. I hate those awkward silences when you have a mixed bunch of friends struggling to find something in common to talk about :p

I was so easily swayed into having cocktails with Jen that it wasn't funny. All it took was one suggestion and I was looking at the cocktail board not knowing what on earth was really in any of them and just choose 'Fetish' because of its name. I also sampled the Blondie, White Russian and another one before we both decided we wanted one which was bright blue. They didn't have any but the barman made up some Fetish one's for us with added Blue Bols for the colour. It was very nice but I possibly paid for it a bit when I woke up (headache's all gone now though :p).

Anyway, it was really nice having a whole crowd of people down the local pub and I wish we'd get off our asses and do it more often.

I also decided that as much as I complain about Vegas I do actually like it - but I really do think that it's down to the opportunity to meet up and hang out with so many of my friends who also attend the show whom I rarely get to see due to vast oceans seperating us. I am now keen on getting over to the City of Sin and catching up with everyone :)

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