Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Descent, Blah and Moving

I spent pretty much all day Saturday in bed. I had a fever, sore throat and the sneezes. Considering I move house on Monday this really wasn't the best option.

Anyway, Jasmina came over on Friday night (although she was also ill) and we watched Descent. I'd never seen it before and don't generally like the films that get tagged with the 'horror' tag as 'horror' in movie-land tends to be anything but and more aimed towards purile teen comedy, gore/slash, or some other kind of 'not scarey'. For me horror is best exemplified by many of the Japanese films such as The Ring and The Grudge. I guess I've always preferred the more psychological and ghost-story/supernatural horror stories as opposed to 'blatant in your face wanting to make you scream and jump' ones.

For me The Descent wasn't really a horror film - but it was a good film and I'm very glad I finally got round to seeing it.

We rose for a few hours on Saturday afternoon and watched 'Gattaca' - which is the second time I've seen the film. I enjoy Gattaca and also the 1930's/40's style the costumes and sets are based on, as well as some of the dialogue and slang. This makes a nice change from most science-fiction but works perfectly in the film. Sci-fi Noir?

Jasmina then headed off and I hit the sack for a bit before rising, seeing the closing minutes of Chelsea's defeat to Barnsley in the FA Cup Quarter Final (way to go Barnsley!) and getting myself a small bite to eat. Then it was back to bed by 9pm for pretty much a solid 12 hour sleep.

I do feel quite improved this morning though so it's done some good. Still not near 100% but well enough to do some packing and arranging stuff for the removal men tomorrow morning.

I completely failed to do The Levellers gig last night which is a shame as it was their 20th Anniversary tour and I'd liked to have caught them again. Especially as Alabama 3 and Dreadzone were supporting. Sorry Psyche for not phoning you about the ticket. I wasn't online yesterday to grab your number and my sister told me she had a friend who she'd already offered it to if I couldn't make it. Hope you and Oscar managed to go and enjoy it though?

It's Clannad this evening which I'm hoping I will be able to make. Considering I do feel better than I was and also that Clannad is a 'sit down theatre concert' as opposed to a 'stand up and jump around a pit concert' I think it's a safer bet for me. Plus Clannad play quieter music for my poorly ears (Just have to make sureI don't fall asleep during the show as Clannad is one of the bands I usually play when going to sleep and when I saw Dead Can Dance live I started nodding off to them for the same reason of 'bedtime music' + 'feeling knackered' :p).

This could be my last post for a few days. I'm moving on Monday/Tuesday. We should have a phoneline in on Tuesday at the new house and broadband on Friday. I am at work in the latter half of the week so can check mails, LJ, etc then if I have the time.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend and an enjoyable week and to catch up with you all soon.

Right now I have some packing to get on with...

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