Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

EBM Club on Easter Sunday? Plus small update...

At work today (and the rest of the week) and still unpacking boxes at home (and for the rest of the month year). Haven't got broadband set-up yet as clearing space has been more of a priority than getting connected to the great www - although i'd imagine we'll have web access from home again in the next couple of days. Still need to get a new desk for home though as the two I had died during the move (or rather couldn't be broken down and put-up again so ended their lives in the local recycling centre). Guess I might set up the computer on some boxes of games for the interim which kinda solves two problems (buying a enw desk and finding a place to store all my stuff!).

Anyway, things are slowly getting there at home which is good. I won't be out to the Trail of Cthulhu/Axe Initiative Launch Party in London tonight though as I have to sort out the living room and office and find homes for the boxes living there. I could really do without this being such a busy week (I'm busy Tuesday through Thursday evenings and then ff to Edinburgh on Friday until Sunday evening with Cubicle 7 for Conpulsion).

When I get back on Sunday I should be going to some EBM club with one of the guys from Covenant guest DJing - problem is I can't remember where the club actually is (I think it's at the Electric Ballroom?) so if any of you know please let me know too!!! Then Easter Monday I'm going to take things easy and go to the cinema to see *something* (no idea what's on atm) asI've only seen two films at th cinema this year and that's appalling :(

Anyway, hopefully I'll be chatting more on this thing once I've cleared space at home and got the broadband and my computer set-up. Then I can also introduce you all to my new housemates too.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine involved a lot of unpacking and sleeping mainly - with a side dose of 'Vanity Fair' laughs, slaps and silliness.

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