Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

busy... busy... busy...

This week has been non-stop and busy busy busy... and is set to continue for the next few days too.

I'm off to see The Cure this evening at Wembley Arena (hopefully my headache will have cleared by then as it's been pounding this mroning/afternoon despite my best efforts to clear it) and then fly to Edinburgh Friday evening for Conpulsion on Saturday/Sunday. I'm hoping to make it in time for the pre-convention drinks on Friday night.

I'm flying back into London on Sunday evening and, after dropping stuff at home nd showering/changing, will be heading to Club Noir before crashing out for some sleep and having a relaxed Monday morning/afternoon before doing some tidying up and unpacking boxes at home in the evening.

I'm aiming to do more housework Friday before I leave for Edinburgh too as I have a ton of things to still sort out but have had no time this week and not much changes next week either. I'd also like to set my computer up at home and connect to the broadband which is now working there. Not that I've had much time to be on the Net anyway recently but that has to change as I have a million things to catch up on and do.

Hope to see some of you in Edinburgh in the next few days and others of you at Club Noir back in London on Sunday!

But I hope everyone has a good Zombie Jesus weekend!

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