Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson


Hi all!

I'm Still Alive!!!

Just very busy and still haven't got my computer set up at home.

Had a great Easter up in Edinburgh and then at Club Noir in London on Sunday night.

Am off to see Nightwish this evening courtesy of a nice +1 on the guest list (thanks Natasha!). Haven't seen them before so am quite looking forward to it.

Am also going to be organising my first real holiday in about 6 years this weekend. I'm finally heeding the advice of my mother and friends and am taking almost a week off to do nothing apart from wander round hills and glens, ruins and maybe a stone circle or two. More details once we've arranged stuff though.

It also looks like I might not be going to GTS in Vegas this year. This is still TBC but it's not looking likely due to time restraints at work (not helped by the fact it's on immediately after SALUTE in London which is a massive show for us). This sucks on many levels but then again it does mean I don't have the long haul flight which I generally find incredibly dull these days. It also means I won't be in LA or SanFran after the show which is also a bit sucky (I miss LA!).

Anyway, I'm sure all will become a lot more clear in the next few days.

Better get back to work for now so hope you're all doing well and to catch up soon!

PS - Will be at Vagabonds this Saturday and then off to see The Spiderwick Chronicles on Sunday morning.

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