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First Post from Newhome

It's been just shy of three weeks since the move started but I've finally managed to set my computer up and connected to our network so I finally have home internet again!!!

This pleases me greatly - although I won't be on it much this weekend as I have plenty of unpacking and sorting out still to do plus have Vagabonds down in London Bridge this evening and a group of us are off to Spiderwick Chronicles tomorrow morning followed by Nando's (and then probably followed by a trip off to work to get a couple fo orders ready for Monday - but it will mean I have a half-day later in the week :p).

The living room is looking a lot less boxy than it was. This morning has been spent blitzing things here (my first real free time since the move - especially as Ray was out doing archery, Natasha was sleeping post-DJ slot at Sin City and Dave was cocooned away in the attic). So, computer set up, wooden trunks moved into position and filled, some boxes cleared from office and living room, some photos found which prompted trip down memory lane, and catch-up conversation had with Mr Dom who is returning to the Cubicle 7 fold after a few months off due to day-job and baby girl wearing him out.

This afternoon is more box emptying - I think I'm going to target my DVDs downstairs as that will empty up a load of boxes if I have enough shelf space for them - followed by getting ready to go to a friends house for a few drinks before tonights clubland excursion.

The day has turned even grayer outside which isn't looking promising but ces la vie.

My current desk situation comprises of six comic book boxes as legs and the old desk top as, well, the desk top. It'll do fine as a temporary measure until I can sort something else out and is the right height for me to work on when I'm sitting on the floor (so will do wonders for my back - not). Have to measure the space to see what size desk I can actually fit in here...

Anyway, I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and I'M BACK ONLINE :)

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