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Weather, Work and New Music

Ok, so the weather men were right.

I didn't think having a Friday which was all blue skies and sunny enough for t-shirts would mean we'd ACTUALLY GET snow (and quite a lot of it in North London) on Sunday. Stopped snowing an hour or so back and it's starting to melt now but apparently we might have some more.

Waking up and looking out of the window to see lots of snow covered gardens and streets was very nice though. When I get home I'll see how the pciture I took on my phone of our back garden looks like once I've transfereed t to the computer and then I might treat you all to the picture. I know you all incredibly eager to see my new backgarden afterall :p

Anyway, yesterday was a very nice day in London - even if I forgot to eat anything at all until about 5.30pm. Picked up Hardware (or Mark-13 under it's alternative ttile) on DVD which I've been after for years as well as the appalling Star Wars Christmas Special to lend to Sean and David at work to prove to them the true terribleness of it (the DVD was very cheap). I also picked up some new CDs (the new Hocico 'Memorias Atras'  and Wumpscut 'Polyalbum Schadling'  Limited Editions as well as a 4-CD collection of Wumpscut remixes 'Dwarf Craving' and 'A Different Life' from Diorama).

Today I'm at work getting orders and paperwork ready for the week and listening to my new selection of music LOUDLY :)

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and to catch you soon!

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