Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Gone to Vote

I'm off to vote in the London Mayoral Elections in a few moments. I still have no idea who will be getting my votes - and that's the first time I can honestly say that since I started voting.

I've gone from being a LibDem Party Member who went out canvassing and sticking leaflets through doors to now looking at the options on hand and pretty much despairing at all the major parties.

I know the Green party will be getting at least one of my votes for Mayor and probably all of my votes for the Assembly (I'm so out of the loop I'm not 100% sure that Assembly voting is also today but I think it is - and the Assembly is proportional represntation so every vote truly counts even more than usual which allows voting for the smaller parties to actual have some affect outside nof the usual 3 big guns). Who gets my other Mayoral vote I have no idea. It would probably be the LibDems but as the Mayoral race is pretty much a two-horse affair between Labour and the Conservatives that wouldn't really mean much. I should try and figure out (on the five minute walk to the Polling Station) which candidate between Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson is the less offensive and better for London. Now I am fully aware that Boris is the less offensive but I don't know if he'd actually be better for London than (alledgedly) corrupt old Ken. Boris is a showman and a good comedian and wit and whilst his frequent cock-ups are amusing I don't think those are qualities that would make a good Mayor. Plus with the Conservatives almost certain to win the next general Election (especially if Gordon Brown is still leader of the Labour Party) I don't really fancy having both England and London run by the Tories. Hmm... I guess I'm veering towards Ken.

Right, five minutes walk for me and then I'll know what's happened to my little ticky boxes.

If you can vote today please go and do so.

Every vote really counts in the Assembly and the Mayor's race is pretty tight so you really have the opportunity to tip the balance with that one too. Basically who don't you want to be running London - Labour or The Conservatives? It's pretty much certain they are the choices we have so we have to figure out which is the lesser evil and go with them on the second vote we have, whilst voting with our heart for the first vote and Assembly votes.

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