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Hmm, well the appointments didn't go well.

First off - the only male pill is one that is *in development* and is currently being studied and tested out. I was asked if I wanted to join the study for it but seeing that they don't know it's long term effects, side-effects, general effectiveness AND I'd have to have an injection every three months (I'm needle-phobic) as well as a daily pill I gracefully turned down the suggestion.

Why isn't there ANY male pills available already? Christ, we've had the female pill for decades now you'd have thought someone would have gotten off their scientific-butt to make a working variant for blokes. One of the possible side-effects of the test pill is that it might make you sterile and also cause loss of sex drive.... well I guess both are forms of reliable contraception but not ones I'd like to currently sign up for.

Then the opticians. My LENSES (not frames, just lenses) are going to cost me £228!!!! Shitf**k! Will I never be allowed to have money in my account??? Anyway, I've ordered them and am going to recycle an old pair of frames for the time being to save on costs. Another reason for saving on frames is that the current trend seems to be for small rectangular frames for blokes and I don't think they look good on me. I prefer my larger, slightly squashed, rounder frames. Anything else and I wouldn't be the adorable Angus people love :-p

Am also feeling old thanks to Melissa. She rang up for a chat and mentioned it's her birthday on Thursday (not fishing for presents....). Now I went out with this girl when she was 19/20 so when she said she was going to be 27 I almost died. It really doesn't seem like seven years ago! That means I'M SEVEN years older too which is quite scarey. Time is just moving too quickly. Anyway, also chatted about work stuff and we'll hopefully be meeting up within the next couple of weeks for a proper catch-up and chat which will be good.

Anyway, Freeport calls and so does ordering pizza....

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