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(Films) Iron Man

Oh wow.

I was never really a big fan of Iron Man in the Marvel Universe. I have a few of the issues scattered about because of cross-overs but never read the comic on a monthly basis like I did with many otehr Marvel titles. But the film caught my interest as soon as Robert Downey Jnr signed on as Tony Stark. It was an inspired bit of casting, as was Jeff Bridges as Stark's business partner Obadiah Stane.

I've now seen this film (ahem) twice already and gathered a posse together for this mornings trip (dredd_bob, Mike, weaselbitch, sinbadsilk, Dave, Marysa, Fabio and Julie). Everyone enjoyed it and I persoanlly think it's the best marvel film since the original X-Men back in 2000.

Robert Downey Jnr has already gone on record as saying he'd love to do 15 iron Man films (he's a big fan of the comic series) and on the strength of this outting I'm certainly keen to see what they do in the future (and the second film has now been given the go-ahead :p).

I'm also very pleased to see Iron Man do well as it was financed and produced by Marvel Studios as their first film. This could be very interesting if it works at the Box Office as it could mean marvel making more of their own films.

Stan Lee's cameo was nice, but I think his other cameo's in the Marvel franchises have generally been better.

Also, the (long) wait for all the end credits to roll is certainly SO worth it (especially if you're a Marvel Universe fan and/or a fan of a certain actor) and leads nicely to future films in both the Iron Man franchise as well as other Marvel Universe projects :p).

School Report: A (Fantastic film and a good breath of fresh air in the superhero genre after a run of so-so Marvel outtings)

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