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My first 'real' holiday day...

...well it was a bit late in coming considering my holiday was supposed to start at 6pm on Friday night but with working on Saturday and Monday and having various appointments clutter Tuesday for me today was the first day I could relax and start enjoying my weeks holiday.

I chilled out (and did some tidying) this morning after Sarah left to go to work (it took her over two hours from Finchley to Barnet on the bus - a trip which usually takes 15 minutes! Thanks to the tube stribe action for that one!) before getting a phone call from Bug asking if I'd like to meet up. She ended up coming over to mine as she hadn't seen the new house and weas suitably impressed. We chatted for a while before heading out for lunch at the local ASK where I stampeded through a very nice pasta dish and she tackled an overly large salad. Good food. Certainly didn't feel like eating again for many many hours ;-p

We then headed back and chilled out with Mr Dave and watched Return to Oz and channel-hopped the music channels. I also let her wade through a couple of the boxes of videos I'm getting rid of. May as well go to a friend before they end up sitting around in a charity shop waiting to be picked up. I've had them sitting around in boxes since February so was glad to see the back of them - even if I had to help her carry them back to her pad. Caught the Holland vs Portugal semi final and whilst I was a bit disappointed to see Holland loose Portugal certainly deserved to win and were the better side. Tomorrow sees Czech Republic vs Greece and whilst I'd like to see Greece get to the final my money (if I were a betting man) is still on the Czech Republic to win the entire tournament.

Tomorrow is another chill-out day although the cleaner will be coming in for a few hours. Heading over to Chris and Lara's for drinks, smokes and the match tomorrow night with Sarah and possibly Dave and Sasha if they're up for it. Tomorrow night is also the last night I'm seeing Sarah for a few days as she's off to Amsterdam to visit her Dad and sister until Tuesday/Wednesday. So, party this weekend then....or not as the case may be ;-p

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