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Marvel Studios Announce Next 4 Films...

Marvel Studios, a sub-division of Marvel Entertainment have announced the next four films they will be making on the strength of the first weekend takings of Iron man ($101million in the States making it the 10th highest grossing opening weekend film of alltime; This raises to $200million with the rest of the world recipets tallied in).

From Dark

Giddy with the success of "Iron Man" over the weekend, Marvel Entertainment released its first quarter report to shareholders today and confirmed the next four titles they're putting into production.

First up will be "Iron Man 2" which has been scheduled for April 30th 2010.

Matthew Vaughn's take on "Thor" is also set for release on June 4th 2010.

"The First Avenger: Captain America" will swing his shield on May 6th 2011.

The much anticipated superhero team-up "The Avengers" has been scheduled for July 2011.

The company's "Ant-Man" and "The Sub-Mariner" remain in development with no fixed release dates. Their "Wolverine" film remains on course for next May.

Marvel Talks About Its Future Plans (Dark Horizon; Monday 5th May 2008)

Iron Man battles to $100 Debut
(BBC News Online; Monday 5th May 2008)

The above four films obviously don't include other Marvel titles which are with other studios for production.

So the future looks bright for superheroes on the big screen :)

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