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London Election - Secondary Votes

The figures for the second preference votes in the London Mayoral Election were released today and they made some interesting reading.

The LibDems topped the poll with the Greens second, Labour third and Conservatives fourth.

Paddick (LibDem) = 641,415=2
Berry (Green) = 331,727
Livingstone (Labour) = 303,198
Johnson (Conservative) = 257,792
Barnbrook (BNP) = 128,609
Batten (UKIP) = 113,651
Craig (Christian Choice) = 80,140
O'Connor (English democrats) = 73,538
McKenzie (Independent) = 38,954
German (Left List) = 35,057

It was also interesting to see how many votes the BNP and UK Independence parties received. The BNP got almost double the number of second preference votes whilst the UKIP got almost 6 times as many as they did in the first choice vote. I was pleased to see that the Green's got four times as many votes in the second preference which gave them a much larger majority over the BNP than they had in the first round count.

The full ammended results were as follows: (Livingstone and Johnsons votes were ammended down if the vote had already cast one of them as first choice and the other as second choice - which means that 104, 771 people choose Boris Johnson as first choice and ken Livingstone as second and 132,815 people who voted for Livingstone as first choice chose Boris as there second option).

NAME            PARTY   1ST PREF       %          2ND PREF   %          FINAL
Johnson      CON         1,043,761      42.48   124,977         10.49   1,168,738
Livingstone   LAB         893,877         36.38   135,089         12.34   1,028,966
Paddick         LD            236,685         9.63      641,412         26.11   878,097
Berry               GRN         77,374         3.15        331,727         13.5   409,101
Barnbrook   BNP            69,710         2.84      128,609         5.23      193,319
Batten         UKIP            22,422         0.91      113,651         4.63      136,073
Craig            CPA            39,249         1.6         80,140         3.26         119,389
O'Connor      END         10,695         0.44        73,538         2.99         84,233
German         LL            16,796         0.68         35,057         1.43      51,853
McKenzie      IND         5,389            0.22         38,954         1.59      44,343

Paddick 'Won Second Vote Contest' (BBC News; Tuesday 6th May 2008)

London Mayoral Election 2008 (BBC News; Tuesday 6th May 2008)


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(no subject) - epocalypse - May. 7th, 2008 08:53 am (UTC) - Expand
May. 7th, 2008 09:05 am (UTC)
No spin needed.

We live in a democracy and London voted for Boris Johnson. I can live with that, might not have been my choice, but that's the joy of one man one vote.

There's no point arguing against the results when it's a completely fair election but it also doesn't mean you should stop fighting for the policies you'd like to see put in place or removed.

Things wouldn't have been any different if the third candidiate was included in the final count anyway. I just posted the figures because I found them interesting (and it was fairly obviously that over 300,000 Londoners voted for BOTH Ken and Boris and thus nullfied they second choice count.
(no subject) - epocalypse - May. 7th, 2008 09:38 am (UTC) - Expand
May. 7th, 2008 01:51 pm (UTC)
Still, looking at the results, perhaps it is time to include the third placed candidate in the second choice vote count.

It's a irrelevant: even if Paddick took all the transfers from 4th and lower placed candidates he only gets to ~475,000 which is well short of 2nd place. So, ignoring the impact of tactical voting (small as there's no incentive to vote tactically on first preferences), the result is exactly the same even in proper Single Transferable Vote.

Still, there's no justification for not using STV rather than this weird bastard system - but in this case it would make no difference to the eventual result.
May. 7th, 2008 01:59 pm (UTC)
Actually, looking at the figures again, the thing that strikes me is how few transfers Livingstone and Johnson got. There are 200,000 odd votes that would transfer to third (or subsequent) preferences if done properly, which is enough to change the result.
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