Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Quick Birthday Plans Update

Everything is a bit last minute as I've just not had any time to properly arrange anything this year. As such the bulk of my birthday *partying* is going to take place next weekend over the Bank Holiday.

But here are the current plans:

Friday 16th May (actual birthday) having a few drinks at The Catcher on the Rye in Finchley Central from 8pm. If you're free and fancy coming along it'd be lovely to see you.

Sunday 18th May - Gameforce during the day (RPG/Board-Card Games Club see the LiveJournal Community for map and times) and then off to Colindale and The Orientl City's food court for dinner afterwards.

Saturday 24th May - Vagabonds Club in London Bridge - Got the date wrong. It's actually on Saturday 31st May so I won't be going as I'll be in Birmingham for UK Games Expo. Poo. I really like Vagabonds :( I'll have to see what else can tempt me over the holiday weekend.

Sunday 25th May - Club Noir at The Electric Ballroom in Camden

So if anyone fancies it please come along :)

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