Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Weekend Updates with added Farts and Slugs

Weekend's been fairly good so far. Friday night at the pub was very good fun - even if conversations did get a bit railroaded by going OTT on our silly song naming quest (repacling 'Love' with 'Slug' and 'Heart' with 'Fart').

Yeah, we had plenty of new and amusing song titles for a group oif slightly tipsy people in a pub...for example...

Listen to Your Fart by Roxette
The Fart's Filthy Lesson by david Bowie
The Last Beat of my Fart by Souxsie & The Banshees
Achy Breaky Fart by Billy Ray Cyrus
Fart Shaped Box by Nirvana
Two Farts by Phil Collins
Fartbreak Hotel by Elvis
Somethings Gotten Hold of my Fart by Gene Pitney
Sergent Pepper's Lonely Farts Club Band by The Beatles

Slug Bites by Def Leppard
Slug Shack by The B52's
When You Slug Someone by Bryan Adams
Whole Lotta Slug by Led Zeppelin
Hounds of Slug by Kate Bush
Modern Slug by David Bowie
Where is the Slug by Black Eyes Peas
Slug Me Tender by Elvis get the drift I'm sure...

After which we returned home and watched Ichi The Killer before I crashed out for a very restless night sleep of not feeling all that great. Luckily I was sans headache on saturday morning and after dropping off three large boxloads of videos to some local charity stores Jasmina and I headed into town on a fruitless birthday shopping trip (fruitless because there wasn't anything I really wanted so we settled on her treating me to a meal and aiming to get me to decide by next weekend and try then instead). Last night was spent doing a bit of C7 work and watching Hellboy with Natasha as she'd watched the Hellboy 2 Trailer I had up here the other day and thought it looked good but had never seen the first one. Still very enjoyable even on the 6th or 7th viewing for me :)

Becky then joined us and watched Natasha's 15-20 minute slot on Film24 the other week where she interviewed Stephen Morris (Joy Division Drummer) and the main man behind the films creation (who's name I can't remember :/) on the enw Joy Division documentary which I really want to see (being a big Joy Division fan).

Today is Gameforce day at The Black Horse in London Town for an afternoon of game playing before heading off for a bite to eat at Oriental City. Then the weekend is somehow over once again and it's back to work tomorrow... these things always seem to disappear so quickly!

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